The Oud Brush

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Color: Black

Perfume your hair with a long-lasting fragrance and an ancestral arabic technique ! 

✓ Long-lasting smell

✓ Portable and easy to use

✓ Can also be used as a regular incense diffuser for your home or car

The Oud Brush is an electrical incense and oud burner used to safely diffuse amazing-smelling and durable fragrances.

Charge it, press on and use it on your hair, clothes and environment such as your car or home. 

  • Electrical and portable incense burner 
  • Fragrance diffuser
  • Suitable for oud and all kind of incense 
  • 2 diffusing attachments: flat diffuser and hair comb diffuser 
  • 100% safe and anti-burn
  • Wireless and portable

Suitable for hair, beard, clothing, home and car environment.

Hair will not be damaged but rather delicately perfumed with a long-lasting oud fragrance. The Oud Brush is 100% safe to use and does not get hot. We advise you to wait 15 minutes in ordrer to let it cool down before opening it for cleaning. Clean after each use with the cleaning brush, do not use water. 

Package includes: 1 portable Oud Brush, 2 head attachments, 1 usb cable, 1 cleaning brush, 1 user's manual